Model 800RS


8’ Rear Steer HyGrade Grader

800RS – 8’ Rear Steer HyGrade Grader

    • All hydraulic cylinders, hoses, and tips are included.
    • All hydraulic cylinders have nitro steel shafts to withstand element exposure.
  • 8′ blade lengths.
  • Blade tilts 15 degrees left and right for slope cuts.
  • Blade angles 40 degrees left and right
  • Requires one additional remote to operate rear steer functions.
  • All hydraulic functions can operate from one remote. Simply tell us your setup prior to purchase.
  • To operate the functions of blade angle, tilt, and lift, the 800RS comes equipped with one of the two following options:

    • 3 switch control box
      (operates off of one remote)

    • 3 button handle
      (operates off of one remote)
  • Concrete weight & box scraper ends are standard with each model.
  • Reversible / replaceable high carbon steel cutting edge.
  • Deep Tri Rib tires have excellent side bite traction.
  • Excellent blade to ground clearance.
  • Storable hitch jack.
  • Safety chain is included.

Blade Angle 40°, Blade Height 17", Blade Length 8', Blade Tilt 15°, Blade to Ground Clearance 12"


Two Tri Rib 5.00 x 15", 4 ply

Hubs and Spindles

1500# 4 bolt

Total Weight


Tongue Weight


Transport Width

6' 8"

Cutting Width at 40° Angle

6' 5"

Overall Length


HP Range

25 – 100


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